i get the feeling that free! actually won but 1. there was no one to receive the award 2. they were too embarrassed to show an anime winning to the entire nation lmao

DRAMAtical Murder → Episode 02

↳ Koujaku

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"You’ve learned how to swim all the strokes!"


Back when I was young, and even now, it was because of friends that saved me, who supported me, that I’ve managed to come this far.

I am who I am because I have friends.


You’re all fired up


Sekaiichi Hatsukoi » Handholding Attempt: Past & Present

Everyone loves Ryugazaki Rei.

Anonymous asked:
What are your fav songs from the SiH ost ?

Oww that’s pretty hard to decide because the sih ost is better than the series itself lmao. I seriously love every single song! But if I had to pick my fav ones hmm….

Prologue (IT’S PURE BLISS)

Koi Wa Setsunaku 

Tsunoru Koigokoro

Kimochi Afureru

Risou No Aite

Kirameku Hibi

OST 2 Track 5

OST 2 Track 10

OST 2 Track 20

OST 2 Track 22

OST 2 Track 23