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Where do people stray off the path? When do they begin to obey their greed rather than their ideals? Or are ideals just prone to morphing easily into greed?



Theres only 1 picture on this site with 13 million notes



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So who are you saying you’re thinking of instead of now? -Kirishima Zen


favorite moments of my otps:
When Takano kisses Ritsu on the cheek or forehead
before kissing him on the lips.
The Boys Of Samezuka Swimming Team! 
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It’s from the Valentine’s Special that was released a few months ago along with the Yokozawa Takafumi no baai movie!! You can watch it here (min 50:33) and it is very very cute (but short, sadly :c). 

Anonymous: My teachers are so stupid. They think homo marriage should be banned and that homosexual people shouldn't have children. They should have a look on Tumblr. But it's so sad, they keep telling us being a homo is a sin. It's so hard to me to listen it, people should be more tolerant. How to change it

Yeah it really sucks :/ especially if you listen to people who you’re supposedly friends with saying how much they agree or making shitty jokes. Unfortunately, talking back or doing something about it might only end up getting you into trouble and it will pretty much do nothing at all to change their minds.

The best thing to do is to think about how gay marriage keeps on getting legalized around the world!! (it recently got legalized in like 11 states which really pissed my principal off hehe) And heeeey they might have some sort of authority over you but they certainly can’t do anything about that :^)

Also it is pretty great to imagine the most hardcore gay sex scene possible while they talk shit lmao. Bonus points if you look at them in the eye and give them an innocent smile c:

But yeah constantly remind yourself that you’re not gonna be in school for too long and that once you’re out you won’t be forced to listen to all that crap anymore!! Still as of now, don’t take them seriously because they literally have no clue of what they’re talking about and are highly influenced by personal prejudices. Honestly, there’s no point in paying attention to people like that other than to point out the flaws in everything they say.